Andy's Hamburger Stand, por Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74 no flickr)

Já começa a ser habitual partilharmos trabalhos do AFOL Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74 no flickr). O seu mais recente trabalho é este Andy's Hamburger Stand, e vale bem a pena admirar todos os pormenores deste excelente moc, cheio de vida.

Fica aqui uma breve descrição do moc pelo autor:

"I must admit I'm a big fan of hamburgers, especially if served in a beautiful restaurant marked by a modernist architecture.
My latest creation joins my passion for the most famous sandwich in the world and the vintage architecture.
Andy's stand boasts a retro modernist design, with an elegant V-shaped roof, bustling terrace and googie style signage.
A large burger stands out on the roof and makes sure you don’t pass this one by.
The terrace has two nice tables where customers can enjoy hamburgers and other delicacies under the umbrellas.
Flower pots, electricity poles, garbage bins and other details complete the scene.
Inside the stand you can find everything you need to make great hamburgers of all kinds, fries and coffee.
On the the back a guy is unloading his vintage van and delivering fresh beef and vegetables.
Thanks for stopping by."